Guest Curator - Zeke Ruelas

Zeke Ruelas
Architectual / Interior Photographer

The fantastic life of photographer Zeke Ruelas is one that most of us dream about. His career started as a professional dancer for pop stars like Ricky Martin, Shakira and Pink where he traveled the world dancing his heart out.

"Dancing allowed me to travel the world and, wherever I was, I always had my camera and was taking pictures. When I started thinking about retiring – since professional dancing can be short-lived as a career – I knew exactly what I wanted to do next," says Zeke.

So when it came time to move on from the stage lights, Zeke traded his dancing shoes for the studio lights. 

His love of photography turned into a skyrocketing career that, again, has allowed him to travel shooting gorgeous interiors. "My ultimate goal in interior photography is to have any viewer of the final image to want to be in that room, in that space. A desire to be a part of the interior."

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