Guest Curator - Alexandra Alquiza Klidonas

Alexandra Alquiza Klidonas, Founder - Over Lunch

Ali Alquiza is a passionate brand builder, creative marketing consultant, and podcast producer with a focus on elevating mission-driven, female-led emerging brands and inspired voices. Prior to launching her consultancy in 2019, Ali served as the Director of Brand (and the first hire) at LIVELY, building the brand alongside founder Michelle Grant, and making it a critical disrupter in the lingerie space. 

As a natural extension of her work amplifying brands’ messaging and reach, Ali has led the production and development for several notable podcasts. She launched The LIVELY Podcast:No Makeup Needed, followed by Design Time from the popular interior design media brand Domino. Ali is also the co-producer of the new Webby award-winning podcast Place Settings from food and travel media brand SAVEUR, and co-producer of Create + Cultivate’s freshly rebranded podcast, WorkParty.

No matter the brand or project, Ali’s work is rooted in connection, collaboration, and community, and celebrating the personal stories at the heart of it all. 

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